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Something I’m excited to do through this blog is highlight the work of amazing women who have married the practical with their passions; they’ve found a way to make their passions work for them and for others. I find it so inspiring! Finding real examples of women doing great things helps me contemplate ways to move toward my own Level 10 Life (hat tip to @classycareer for the tool). That’s the goal of these “Spotlight” posts.

Big disclaimer: I haven’t necessarily tried all of the services or products listed here, and certainly was not paid to endorse any of them- they just sound cool to me!

For my first Spotlight, I am focusing on a way to add charity back into my life. Giving back has always been important to me, as I feel blessed in my life and feel there is so much need in the world- I hope to leave this Earth having done a little more positive than negative, in the grand scheme of things. I do make regular monetary contributions to the causes I care most about but, after having a child, I’ve struggled to find time to add charity or volunteering work into my days; work and parenting take up most of my oxygen, and it’s hard to find charitable activities that are age-appropriate for young children.

Spotlight: Little Loving Hands. CRAFTS + CHARITY + KIDS = WIN-WIN-WIN Click To Tweet

Enter “Little Loving Hands” (, @lillovinghands). Their description on Instagram captures their mission clearly and succinctly: Kids craft kits that give back. A fun way to educate children on the importance of helping others & making connections to organizations in need. The company is the brainchild of Lily Yeh, CEO and Founder.

How It Works

The program is intended to be a monthly subscription service. When you sign up, you (or designated recipient) receive the materials to create a craft with your child, along with information about the organization or cause being spotlighted that month. Once you’ve completed the craft, you return it (using a pre-paid envelope) as a donation to someone in need. The February box supports Our Military Kids, a national organization supporting children with parents in the U.S. military; the March box will support women and children experiencing homelessness, through Enchanted Makeovers. Bonus: Once the craft is returned, you can also receive a receipt for a charitable tax deduction.

The boxes cost from 20-25 dollars per month, depending on your subscription length, and you can also purchase past boxes individually for $28 each; the website currently has a coupon for $20 off a 12-month subscription. I couldn’t find the appropriate developmental age range for the crafts listed on the website, so I contacted Little Loving Hands directly; they responded that they typically recommend the crafts for children ages 3-11. My kiddo is still a bit young, but I plan to try out the boxes soon!

My Take

While the subscription plan isn’t cheap, it is not much more than many toys on the market. Plus, you are teaching a/your child the importance of charity and giving back, and not cluttering your own house with more stuff. It’s also a great gift idea when your relatives or friends already have all the toys, clothes, etc. they could need. I am definitely not crafty, but the activities seem simple enough that even I (or a child, then intended audience, ahem) could complete them.

Little Loving Hands looks like a simple hack for infusing charity into child’s play; a way to do good and have fun while doing it. To learn more, check out this interview and demonstration with Lily Yeh:


You can also read more from a blogger mom who tried out the craft box:


Let me know if you try out Little Loving Hands, and please share what you think!



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